About Fab Dutchness


Welcome to Fab Dutchness, a blog dedicated to celebrating life, style, beauty and beyond. I believe in living the most wonderful life you can live, and that you should add a little fabulousness to your life every day. This can be through style, beauty, food, travel and much more. I believe that a fabulous life is attainable for everyone regardless of size, age or budget. Greatness is found in the little things.

I am Dominique Dixon and I live in New York City. I started this blog to share my life, style, home decor, recipes and travel. I am a curvy, fun fashion lover, who always dreamed of living a fabulous life by my own standards. By creating this blog I want to share my finds and my journeys. I hope you enjoy reading Fab Dutchness.

Stay Fab Always!

DominiqueDominique Dixon