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multi color jacket

multi color jacket multi color jacket multi color jacket multi color jacket multi color jacket multi color jacket multi color jacket

“Either move or be moved.” – Ezra Pound

Multicolor Windbreaker (similar), Skirt (similar), Loafers (similar), Earrings (similar)

Growing up my mom would make us go on walks. We would walk to the store, the library, to the museum, anywhere. I always enjoyed the walks and continued going on strolls as I grew older. But the last two years I have been slacking. Taking Uber, staying in, the weather is too hot or too cold… Just any excuse not to go out and walk.

I started to feel it in my body but mostly in my soul. I was missing something. So I starting walking again. Every morning I go for walk. I listen to my music, I take in the sights, I feel the heat or the breeze. And I realized that what I was missing was the change of energy I feel when I am moving. Walking gives me a joyous energy and makes me feel like I can take on the world.

To accompany me on my walks are some new pieces, like this multi color vintage windbreaker. Style can be brought to movement, but style can also move you.

Spring, Style
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