Too cool for culottes

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“Be still and cool in thine own mind and spirit.” – George Fox

Culottes (similar), Turtleneck (similar), Shaggy cardigan (similar), Loafers (similar)

I have always loved fashion and my style has gone through many changes. Every few years I find a style I enjoy and I embrace it. Most of my life I have always admired those wearing long, wide layers, different textures and shapeless forms. But I never wore them because people told me that it was unflattering for my shape. That I looked “fat”. Those clothes are only for skinny people. So I embraced the form fitting. Nothing too tight because that is also only for the thin. But as I grew older I realized, that style is my own thing, my own journey, my own experience and I can wear whatever I choose. As walking through Tokyo I saw all of these women wearing culottes and layers. I bought a pair and now I know I can rock whatever I please. Even pink velvet culottes…

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