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animal print coat

animal print coat animal print coat animal print coat animal print coat animal print coat animal print coat

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” – Wilma Rudolph

Animal print coat (similar), Beanie (similar), Scarf (similar), Boots (similar)

Some days even the most confident people experience a day of doubt, being down or despair. Even when life has given you so many blessings, finding gratitude can be difficult. We all go through things that alter our perception of ourselves. The key is to find a way out of the negativity and to start believing in yourself again. This is in no way advice for serious mental illness, but only for those days when you feel unhappy with yourself and your accomplishments.

When I feel less happy with my self, I look to my closet and I grab the piece I feel most powerful in. I call it a power piece. This animal print coat is my power piece. I wrote a piece on it. I wanted to share it with you. So whenever you feel doubt, put on your power piece and continue your journey.


Power Pieces by Dominique Dixon

In uncertain times, I believe that sometimes we need to find our own power piece.

My entire life I have been obsessed with fashion. I spent hours reading fashion magazines and flipping the pages of catalogues. I remember my very first fashion experience. I was about three years old. We were living in Germany and my grandmother was visiting from the Netherlands. We went to this huge department store. I fell in love with this black and pink polka dot skirt with pink tulle underneath. I begged my mom to buy it and she said no. I constantly stood next to it and pleaded. My grandmother grabbed it and walked to the register with it. My mom pleaded that it would make me spoiled and entitled, and that I didn’t need it. My grandmother couldn’t care less and bought it anyway.

That day I learned two things, one, my grandmother is amazing. Two, ‘need’ is a tricky word. I obviously had clothes at home and wouldn’t be naked without the skirt. But deep inside I knew that I needed this skirt. Even at three, I knew I needed this. It was an expression of my own personal style. Something I had picked out on my own. A piece of myself. I also remember wearing the skirt for the first time. I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt amazing. So even though I didn’t ‘need’ the skirt, I did actually ‘need’ it.

Through the years my personal style has went through numerous changes. But no matter what, there were always style ‘needs’. From the perfect Levi jeans to the perfect black leather jacket, from the perfect sequined top to the perfect snake skin boots, from the perfect faux fur leopard coat to the perfect fringe bag. All these things were items that gave me a boost. They defined the stage of life I was in. They gave me confidence.

It wasn’t about price or brand. It was about finding myself and my style through these treasures. I know people will argue that things don’t define you. Of course on a deeper level they don’t. Things do not make a good or a bad person. But in reality, things or a lack of things do give you a certain image. As a style blogger, I often get criticized, that I am only promoting materialism. But in reality, I am just promoting self expression. Fashion is an art. How we wear things is basically the human as a form of art. All art being beautiful in it’s own way. Not one being superior to another. Just all different.

So I urge you to find the piece that speaks to your soul. The piece that makes you feel strong and amazing. No matter if you find it at Prada or Target. If you can’t buy it. Make it. But when you get that piece that makes you feel like you can run the world, wear it and own it.

This is my current power piece…  the animal print coat…

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