Sexy and the Beret

red coat

red coat red coat red coat red coat red coat red coat red coat red coat red coat

“Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind.” – Amisha Patel

Red Coat (similar here), Turtleneck (Calvin Klein), Jeans (similar), Necklace (similar), Beret (similar)

In time for Valentine’s Day: What is sexy? All of my life I have been told that I am either to fat to be sexy or sexy because I am curvy. I have been criticized for being too sexy when I show some skin. Or I have been criticized for not being sexy enough when I cover up. Lots of curvy women have been told that they need to cover up, either for being seen as too sexual or just unattractive. There is a new movement in curvy fashion, that tells women that showing your body is empowering. But for some of us, it isn’t. For some of us being curvy and edgy is sexy. For others being curvy and comfy is sexy. I believe that whatever makes you feel sexy is what is sexy. It isn’t a body type or an outfit. Bodycon or skimpy styles occasionally show up in my wardrobe. When it feels right. But I feel just as sexy in a turtleneck, jeans and a bright red coat. After all sexy is very personal. Always choose your own type of sexy. Sexy is all about attitude and nothing else.


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