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Holiday wishes

Holiday wishes Holiday wishes Holiday wishes

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.” – Dr. Seuss

It is Christmas Eve and I wanted to share my holiday wishes with you.

Every year we all talk about how Christmas is a time for giving. Or if you are Christian about celebrating the birth of Jesus. But no matter why we do or don’t celebrate, we all try to capture the holiday spirit. Being happy, grateful and spending time with loved ones. But one thing always overshadows this every single year. The tradition of gift giving and receiving.

Each year we spend a small fortune and lots of time shopping for the perfect gifts. It can be fun, but a lot of time we get caught up in the stress, the negativity and the spending. A lot of us in the pursuit of finding the perfect gifts, we forget about our holiday spirit and even sometimes lose ourselves. I know this may seem ironic coming from a style blog, which basically glorifies shopping. But I really feel strongly about not letting the materialism take over and ruin your holiday spirit.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss is my favorite holiday story of all time. It taught me that spreading kindness and finding it in your heart can be healing. It also shows us that we can have the holiday spirit no matter how much or how little we have. Having your family and friends is so much more important than anything you can ever find under a tree.

I personally know how valuable it is to spend time with family and especially since mine, are not always near me. But I have them in my heart at all times.

I wish you all a happy holidays and the holiday spirit, all year round!

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