Wanderlust Diaries: Conquering Heights in Chile

Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile santiago chilesantiago chile

Happy Monday! To start the week off right, here is a long overdue pictorial of my trip to Chile. I have so many pictures but I have limited it to these image to capture the essence and feel of Santiago and Valparaiso.

The country is beautiful and interesting, and I look forward to visiting again. But this trip was special to me because during this trip I conquered one of my greatest fears… heights. And what better place to do that. Read more on that below.

Santiago Chile Santiago Chile  santiago chile    Santiago Chile

For most people it will come as a complete shock that I had a great fear of heights. I hate balconies, bridges, towers. People think because I travel and fly all the time, that this could never actually be a real fear but it is. For years I avoided all these situations. Until I came to Chile.

santiago chile santiago chile santiago chile Santiago Chile

We decided to visit the Saint Lucia Hill and check out the different levels of the fort that is built on the hill. As we walked around, I never noticed that we we were steadily climbing to an insane altitude. I just enjoyed the architecture and the weather and then out of nowhere, we reached a staircase. We decided to check it out and at the top, I realized when I was eye to eye with the tallest buildings of downtown Santiago that I had reached an amazing height. And I hadn’t had a meltdown. I was pretty proud of myself. But then I noticed that there was one more tiny staircase to the highest tower.

santiago chile Santiago Chile Santiago Chile Santiago Chile    Santiago Chile

I started to feel anxious and waited for a while. There I contemplated staying where I was or just taking the last few steps to really conquer my fear of heights. I weighed my options for about 5 minutes. That was when I realized, I had no idea why I was actually afraid. What was it about heights that scared me?

santiago chile  Valparaiso Chile Valparaiso Chile Valparaiso Chile valparaiso chile valparaiso chile  valparaiso chile


It dawned on me that I wasn’t afraid of heights. I was actually afraid of falling down from such a height, that death was certain. My mind started to grind. This is what has been keeping me from enjoying balconies, rooftops, skydiving?? This irrational fear that I might fall and never get up…

I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to succumb to being a prisoner of fear. I was going to climb and move on to the next level, enjoy it and not worry about falling. And so I did. And the view was marvelous.

Santiago Chile

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