Baby Light My Fire: My Favorite Candles

fall candles

Candles light up the soul…

1. Diptyque Roses $32, 2. Diptyque Baies $32, 3. H&M $6.99, 4. Voluspa Macaron $27, 5. Voluspa Apricot & Aprilia $27,        6. Byredo Burning Rose $80, 7. Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange $20, 8. Byredo Prune Glacee $95

For this week’s Favorites I will be focussing on home. First of all I can feel fall coming around the corner, and that means sweaters, pumpkins and candles. I love a great scented candle and I have compiled my favorites in this list. No denying it, I have a weakness for sweet smelling ones and this list has a few. Diptyque Baies, Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange and Voluspa Macaron have a sweetness I love, not too sweet but just wonderful.

Also I love candles with a rose base, but with a quirky or unique twist. Byredo and Diptyque have rose based candles that have just that. Finally to mix it up and get edgy but fruit inspired scents, I picked Byredo Prune Glacee and Voluspa Apricot & Aprilia. These yummy candles have a fruity note but also have something woody and unique. I also like cute holders like the pineapple shaped one from H&M. Also it is very budget friendly. I look forward to a fall full or these burning sensations. What are your favorite candles?

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